About Zoo-phonics

Children learn when they are having fun and when their large muscles, as well as small muscles, are involved in the experience.   Zoo-phonics provides young children the opportunity to use their eyes, ears, mouths, large and small muscles.
The configuration of the letters is remembered in association with a picture of an animal. The sound comes through the initial letters of the animal name.  A body "signal" is given to represent each animal.  Each Zoo-phonics animal becomes a friend and tool to the child to be used in reading, spelling and writing.

The "Animal Rhythms" book that your child is making includes the first 6 capital and 6 lowercase letters that your child has been working on.  Each animal's face is represented along with its chant and a dictionary page, reinforcing words that begin with the sound of that particular letter.  To help you review these letters and sounds, I have included all of the "actions" associated with each of the letters.  The order that we introduce the letters in is:
          Ss, Mm, Rr, Tt, Bb, Nn,      Hh, Vv, Cc, Pp, Gg, Ff,     Aa, Ll, Kk, Qq, Dd, Zz,     Ii, Xx, Oo, Ww, Yy, Ee, Jj, Uu

I encourage all parents to learn the animal and body action for each letter of the alphabet.  Doing so will support your child's learning and enthusiasm beyond what you can imagine.  Practicing these a couple of times each week throughout the year will pay huge dividends in the development of your child's reading, writing, and spelling.

A Name and Description of Each Signal
(Click Here For Spanish Translation.)

a - Allie Alligator: Extend arms forward one over the other to form an alligator mouth, fingers becoming teeth.  Open and close arms from the shoulds and say the short letter sound of "a." as in "alligator."

b - Bubba Bear: Reach either arm above head to an imaginary honeycomb. Bring the honey to your mouth, as a bear might do and say the letters sound, "b."

c - Catina Cat: Pretend you are a cat washing your face with your paw, and say the letter sound, "c."

d - Deedee Deer: Use two fingers of each hand to form deer antlers on your head and say the letter sound, "d."

e - Ellie Elephant: Clasp your hands and swing them from side to side as a trunk and say the short letter sound of "e." as in "elephant."

f - Francy Fish: With your hands in front of your chest, place the palm of one hand on the back of the other hand to form a fish (make sure you have a thumb on each side).  Then wiggle your thumbs and say the letter sound, "f" (sustained sound).

g - Gorilla Greg: Simulate peeling a banana, saying the letter sound, "g."

h - Honey Horse: Slap the right side of your upper thigh with your right hand, suggesting a horse galloping.  At the same time, say the letter sound, "h."

i - Inny Inchworm: Using your index finger, bend it up and down, then move your hand forward suggesting the movement of an inchworm. While signaling, say the short letter sound of "i." as in "inchworm."  (You can "dot the 'i' " by touching the tip of your nose with your index finger (Inny's head).

j - Jerry Jellyfish: Move your shoulders, arms and fingers in a wiggly, jelly-like fashion and shake like jelly!  Keep hands and arms in front of your chest, not to the sides of your body, as you say the letter sound, "j."

k - Kangaroo Kate: Make two fists and pose as if boxing.  Give a little punch with both fists, while at the same time saying the letter sound, "k."

l - Lizzy Lizard: Place your hands under your chin  (palms down) with your elbows lifted up, level with shoulders.  Say the letter sound, "l" (continuous sound). Make sure to keep your tongue in your mouth to keep a pure "l" sound.

m - Missy Mouse: Place your hand close to your mouth as if you are a mouse nibbling on a small piece of cheese. While signaling, say the letter sound, "m" (sustained sound).

n - Nigel Nightowl: Using thumb and index finger of each hand, make round nightowl eyes and say the letter sound, "n" (sustained sound).

o - Olive Octopus: Extend each arm outward at your sides, using a waving motion to suggest the tentacles of an octopus and say the short letter sound of "o" as in "octopus."

p - Penguin Pete: Stiffen both arms at the sides of your body (fingers out, palms down) and do a penguin walk, waddling in place from side to side.  While signaling, say the letter sound, "p."

q - Queeny Quail: Illustrate the topknot of the California quail by placing your bent index finger forward at the top of your forehead, while saying the letter sound, "q" ("kw").

r - Robby Rabbit: Curve both hands, raising them to your chest to represent rabbit paws, while saying the letter sound, "rrr." (Be careful not to make an "er" sound, placing the vowel before the "r.")

s - Sammy Snake:  Move your hand forward in the serpentine manner of a snake, saying "sss" (sustained sound).

t - Timothy Tiger: Extend your arms in a "t" shape to suggest a tiger holding onto the bars of his zoo cage.  While signaling, say the letter sound, "t."

u - Umber Umbrella Bird: Place your hand over your head to suggest holding an umbrella.  Tuck your other hand under your upper arm to create a wing.  Then flap that arm as if in flight, saying the short letter sound of "u." as in "umbrella."

v - Vincent Vampire Bat: Bend and raise your elbows horizontally with your hands near your mouth.  Form little fangs with your index fingers that come together to form a "V."   Flap elbows up and down, say the letter sound, "v" (continuous sound).

w - Willie Weasel:  Place your arms in front of your chest, elbows up and hands clasped with palms down.  Move your arms in a wave-like motion.  This suggests what Willie Weasel looks like when he is running.  While signaling, say the letter sound, "w."

x - Xavier Fox:  Crossing your index fingers, move them as if you were knitting.  Say the letter sound, "x" ("ks"). (Xavier Fox is the only sound which comes in the middle - as in boxes, or at the end of a word - as in fox.  "X" at the beginning of a word = the sound of "Z" as in Xerox.)

y - Yancy Yak: Form a "y-shape" with your thumb and little finger of your left hand, place your hand next to your ear, as though you are holding a telephone. While signaling (talking on the phone), say the letter sound, "y." as in "yak."

z - Zeke Zebra: Place your hands together and lean them against your cheek to suggest Zeke catching a few "z's" (sleeping).  While signaling, say the letter sound, "z" (sustained sound).

(Spanish Translation)

Aa – Allie Alligator:  Extienda los brazos hacia enfrente uno sobre el otro para formar la boca de un cocodrilo, los dedos pareciendo dientes.  Abra y cierre los brazos desde sus hombros y diga “a”.  Esto parece un aplauso con el sonido-combinado.


Bb – Bubba Bear:  Alcancé cualquier brazo arriba de su mano imaginando un panal de abejas.  Traiga la miel a su boca, como un oso lo hiciera y diga la letra que suena “b”.


Cc – Catina Cat:  Pretenda que es uno cato lavándose la cara con su pata, y diga la letra que suena, “c”.


Dd – Deedee Deer:  Use dos dedos de cada mano para formar los oídos en la cabeza de un venado y diga la letra que suena, “d”.


Ee – Ellie Elephant:  Tiene la opción de dos diferentes modos.  Apriete sus manos y muévalas lado a lado como si fuera el tronco, traiga su mano hacia su boca como si estuviera comiendo un cacahuate.


Ff – Francy Fish:  Con sus manos enfrente de su pecho, ponga la palma de una mano atrás de la otra mano formando un pescado (Asegúrese que tiene el dedo gordo en cada lado), después mueva sus dedos gordos y diga la letra que suena, “f” (sostenga el sonido).


Gg – Gorilla Grez:  Simule que está pelando un plátano, diciendo la letra que suena, “g”.


Hh – Money Horse:  Golpee los dos lados de sus caderas, como si un caballo galopeara.   A la misma vez diga la letra con sonido “h”.


Ii – Inny Inchworm:  Usando su dedo índice, dóblelo hacia arriba y abajo, después mueva su mano adelante, sugiriendo el movimiento de un gusano.  Mientras señalándolo, diga la letra que suena “i”.


Jj – Jerry Jellyfish:  Mueva sus hombros, brazo y dedos en un movimiento como jalea y sacúdase como jalea.  Tenga las manos y brazos enfrente de sus pecho, no a los lados de su cuerpo, y diga la letra que suena “j”.


Kk – Katie Kangaroo:  Haga dos puños y póngase como que v a boxear.  De una patada con una pierna, al mismo tiempo diga la letra que suena “k”.


Ll – Lizzy Lizard:  Ponga sus manos debajo de su barba con sus codos hacia arriba, al nivel de los hombros..  Diga la letra que suena, “l’ (sonido continuo).  Asegúrese que los estudiantes mantengan sus lenguas en sus boca para mantener el sonido puro de “l”.


Mm – Missy Mouse:  Ponga su mano cercas de su boca como si fuera un ratón mordiendo un pedacito de queso.  Mientras señalando, diga la letra con sonido, “m’ (sostenga el sonido).


Nn – Nigel Nightowl:  Usando su dedo gordo y el dedo índice de cada mano, haga un circulo en ojos de lechuza y diga la letra que suena, “n” (sostenga el sonido).


Oo – Olive Octopus:  Extienda cada brazo fuera de sus lados, usando un movimiento trémulo para indicar los tentáculos de un pulpo y diga la letra que suena “o”.


Pp – Peewee Penguin:  Ponga tieso sus brazo hacia los lados de su cuerpo (manos arriba)  camine como pingüino, moviéndose de lado a lado.  Mientras señalándolo. Diga la letra con sonido “p”.


Qq – Queeny Quail:  Ilustrando un mono alto sobre la frente como la codorniz de California poniendo su dedo índice encorvado enfrente de su frente, diciendo la letra con sonido “q” (kw)


Rr – Robby Rabbit:  Tuerza las dos monos, levantándolas a su pecho para representar las patas de conejo.  De un brinco, brinque y diga la letra que suena, “rrr”, (cuidado de no hacer el sonido “er”, poniendo la vocal antes de “r”.)


Ss – Sammy Snake:  Mueva su mano hacia enfrente con un modo serpentino de víbora, diciendo “sss” (sosteniendo el sonido).


Tt – Timothy tigre:  Extienda sus brazo en forma de “t” sugiriendo un tigre agarrándose de las barras de una jaula de zoológico.  Mientras señalando, diga la letra con sonido, “t”.


Uu – Umber Umbrella Bird:  Ponga su mano hacia arriba de su cabeza como si tuviera un paraguas.  Extienda su otra mano y aletee como si estuviera volando, diciendo la letra con sonido “u”.


Vv – Vincent Vampiro Bat:  Doble y levante sus codos horizontalmente con sus manos cerca de su boca.  Forme unas alas con su dedo índice.  Aletee los codos arriba y abajo, diciendo la letra con sonido “v” (sonido continuo).


Ww – Willie Weasel:  Ponga sus brazo enfrente de su pecho, con los codos arriba y las manos pegadas.  Mueva sus brazos en modo de olas.  Esto sugiere lo que Willie Weasel se parece cuando esta corriendo.  Mientras señala, diga la letra con sonido “w”.


Xx – Xavier Fox:  Cruzando es dedo índice, muévalos como si estuviera tejiendo.  Diga la letra que suena, “x” (ks).  (Xavier Fox es el único sonido que termina a final de la palabra).


Yy – Nancy Yak:  Forme una “figura-y” con su dedo gordo y dedo pequeño, ponga su mano cerca de su oído, como si estuviera sosteniendo un teléfono.  Mientras señalando (hablando por teléfono), diga la letra que suena, “y”.


Zz – Zeke Zebra:  Ponga sus manos juntas y apóyelas hacia su cachete para sugerir a Zeke cogiendo una “zs” (siesta).  Mientras señalando, diga la letra que suena “z” (sonido sostenido).

Zoo Phonics
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